Impressions: New Year in The Hague

The New Year’s Celebrations in The Hague (NL) include a large bonfire on the Scheveningen Beach. The assembly usually collapses during the fire and many teenagers try to see how close they can get. Fools.


Oxford – The Other Place


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Oxford is a lovely little town in England and famous for one of the best universities in the world. Here in Cambridge we enjoy a little imagined rivalry with Oxford (a bit like Harvard vs Yale I suppose). I have … Continue reading

Impressions: Summer Celebration

While walking through Paris I came across this party and it fascinated me. all over Place de la Concorde they were celebrating the summer with several tables where they ate and all were wearing white. I was intrigued and asked them and they said (as far as I understood) that they meet once a year all over France exactly like that. Apparently, local authorities are not a fan which is why they keep it quite spontaneous and decide the place only a day or so before. Such, joi de vivre is amazing and I love it!