Ely: just a stonethrow from Cambridge

How to get there and back – train  £2.80(with railcard)
How long it takes – An afternoon/day
How much I paid – ~£10 (I went on a Sunday)
Where to stay – N/A
Where to eat – The Cutter Inn
What to do and see – Ely Cathedral, Cromwell’s House, the park and the river

Wildlife in Ely

Ely is a quaint little town only a short train ride from Cambridge away. Already when you leave the train station you can indulge in all things nature. We were greeted by a whole flock of tiny ducklings that were so tame we could get very close to take pictures.

From there you can follow the signs up to the Cathedral. It is a beautiful and impressive monument, but not free to enter. That is because the cathedral does not receive any monetary support from the state and it’s upkeep is about a million pounds a year (as far as I remember). That’s why you are asked to pay at the entrance. Prices for students start at £6 and can be around £13 to include the climb up a tower.

The Walk up to the Cathedral

If you don’t want to spend the money anyway, entry is free Sundays (except to take a guided tour up one of the two towers). The towers are not only architectual masterpieces and also offer amazing views over East Anglia. However, the last tours leave before 3pm, so if you are a long sleeper do keep an eye on the time.

The magnificent Ely Cathedral

From the main entrance of the Cathedral it is only a short walk to Cromwells House. Oliver Cromwell was the Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of England, Scotland and Ireland and is quite an amazing historical figure. His house is not as imopressive, but it is the tourist information and you can pick up lots of brochures for local trips.

I’d then go take a walk through the Jubilee Park down to the river. It is a very pretty park, the river is serene and the Cutter Inn is beautiful and serves great food. The Sandwiches and Burgers are very tasty and like most good pub-food not too expensive at all.


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