A walk along the river Cam: Riverside Bridge to the Green Dragon Bridge

How to get there and back – walk to Riverside
How long it takes – 30-40 min
How much I paid – N/A
Where to stay – N/A
Where to eat – The Green Dragon 
What to do and see – take a relaxing walk along the river


If you don’t have much time to get out of town the Cam is always a great destination for a walk and after your first few weeks in Cambridge it is time to get past the touristy punting stretch behind Queens, Kings, Trinity and St. John’s College.


A nice stretch is from the riverside bridge across Stourbridge Common and then along the river to the Green Dragon Bridge. This small stretch is quite nice. It starts out next to the river on the road. You will be able to see lots of rowers warming up or coming back. On the right hand side you can see some nice apartments that overlook the river and make me want to live there. On the other side of the bridge you can find other very modern apartments and a lovely small chruch and graveyard.

If you follow the river on the southern side along stourbridge common you can enjoy the serenity of the river, with the occasional rowers and barges (narrow boats) comming along. On a warm summer evening the atmosphere here is lovely and the only thing you need to watch out for is the cows.

When you hit the Green Dragon Bridge you can go on and walk along the river, watch the rowers spin a bit further along or you can cross and hang out at the Green Dragon – a lovely pub by the river with a  riverside garden and a small beergarden in the back. It is always busy with locals and the river garden will always be full on a warm evening – even if it is raining a bit.


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