A London Date

Anyone likes to be taken out on a date – especially when it is to London. Here is a sample day out in Europe’s Largest City.

First we went to the British Museum where we explored the several ancient treasures together. When we became tired (as it often happens with the stop and go walking pace of museums) we sat down in the open and light room where we had lunch.

Once we had enough of the museum we walked to Chinatown where we had Mongolian Hotpot in the Little Lamb. It was not only delicious but also a bargain.

From there we went to the English National Opera to see the Cape Town Opera perform Porgy & Bess. I know some say it is not even a proper opera, but I just love it and every time I hear “Sumemrtime” my heart just melts. After the show you should consider a drink at “Vista at the Trafalgar”. The prices are enough to make a person on my budget cry, but the view is stunning and a perfect close to a perfect date.

Porgy & Bess @ ENO


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