A walk through Newnham Gardens

How to get there and back walk to Newnham College
How long it takes half an hour or so
How much I paid nothing
Where to stay N/A
Where to eat N/A
What to do and see The beautifully maintained Garden

A Summer Feeling

Newnham College doesn’t look like the prettiest college from the outside. However, I just love the Newnham Gardens in the back of the college. Just walk into the Porter’s Lodge and from there onto the gardens if you are a Cambridge student. If you aren’t, I suppose it is more polite to ask for the way. Porters are very friendly but don’t appreciate being ignored. Newnham is not one of the colleges that charges entry so there should be no harm in admitting you are not a student.

Newnham College

Once you step into the garden’s it’s like you have entered another world. Sunken pools among beds of roses, meticulous lawns surrounded by beautiful Victorian Buildings and stunning walks between trees that give shadow from the sun. During term you will find students sitting on the grass, some relaxing, others busy broadening their horizons.


And even though you are only a few meters away from the street there is absolutely no noise from the cars and you feel blissfully secluded. Initially, as the college for girls expanded, the gardens just grew unplanned and naturally. Girls needed the outdoors and space for a wholesome environment. After the World War II several garden plans were submitted and the current garden is the cumulative result of all its history.

If you want to know more about the gardens click here. However, even if you know next to nothing about them, they belong to the most peaceful and beautiful places in Cambridge.


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