About MIA

I sit here in the Backs of St John’s College and admire the views onto the historic New Court and the lovely Chapel Tower. Cambridge – most people will agree – is a magical place. The stuff Harry Potter Books are made from and I am lucky to live right here.

However, it is quaint and small and it is always good to get out every once in a while. If you are here in England you should explore all the amazing places this country has to offer. Although – always bring an umbrella. If you will wait till it is sunny, you might not get to see much.

I have collected information, stories and pictures about many trips through England and the rest of Europe starting in Cambridge on a student budget detailing how to get around without a car and what to see, do and eat while you are there.

I hope you truly enjoy this and can find some advice and inspirations for your own trips through this country.


2 thoughts on “About MIA

  1. Hello MIA!

    My name is Christopher John Taylor. My wife Kate and I run an online entertainment magazine, TheBOX. We just launched it on the first of July.

    We are currently looking for writers to submit original content in specific categories like, Film, Television, Fashion and Music as well as Art, Theater, Culture, Food and Travel and to intersperse that original content with our mainstream entertainment based offerings daily.

    Thanks to Leslie at Bucket List we came across your work and liked it.

    We’d like to invite you to write some articles for us to enhance both you and your blog’s reputation as well as promoting you as a writer.

    If you’d be interested in this, we’d like to talk further. Please email myself ctaylor@htla973.com or Kate (Editor in Chief) ktaylor@htla973.com and we can set up a talk.

    Looking very much forward and best regards,

    • Hey there =)

      Thank you for that lovely comment. I am just getting started and it is very exciting. Your offer is very generous. My job is keeping me on my toes these days, but I will get back to you in a day or two when I made up my mind about whether I’d have enough time to spare to do your magazine justice. I had a look around and I really liked it.

      Best wishes

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