Norwich – I would go again and again

How to get there and back – by Train (ca. 1h20min) £10.25 (with 16-25 railcard)
How long it takes – Daytrip
How much I paid –  £17
Where to stay – N/A
Where to eat – Adam & Eve Pub in Norwich
What to do and see – suggestions:Norwich Castle, Cathedral and Adam & Eve Pub

Norwich Castle

Why you should travel young

First Light in America by David Brann

I’d like to share an featured article I found in Converge Magazine. The Author Jeff Goins is very insightful and confirms what I have thought all along: we should go see the world!

is a writer who lives in Nashville with his wife and dog. His first book Wrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life, comes out in the fall of 2012. Jeff can be found at Continue reading